This is the Introduction to Frank Reed's

A Brief Record
of the Reed, Heurtley and Wenman families,
from the beginning of the xviii century.

by Frank Reed
of Auckland - New Zealand
30 Dec. 1935


No continuous or complete records having been kept by these
families I have experienced considerable difficulty in obtaining 
the information here set down, my residence in the antipodes for
so many years having precluded my access to English Parish 
Registers necessary to prove lineage.

I am much indebted to my distant kinsman the Revd. Charles 
Abel Heurtley M.A. of Oxford for records of Heurtleys from the 
xvii century. In a letter to me dated 3 Dec. 1934 he wrote
"I feel the family owes much to you for hunting up all the details
you have from time to time sent me and but for your assiduity and
interest they would otherwise have been lost."

During my investigations I have tested family traditions and 
have here set down only what I believe to be authentic. 

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